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Save money and say, "I did it myself."

Knowledgeable and patient teacher and craftsman Paul teaches you how to handle practical repairs and improvements. Our workshops give you the step-by-step instructions you need, and the vocabulary that goes with it. Group AND private one-on-one classes are available.

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Fix Your Own Toilet

Save a bundle. Simple, clear, hands-on, one day workshop.

Work on a (clean) working model on wheels. For online classes, you can learn about your own fixtures in your own home.



The most common reason for high water bills is a malfunctioning toilet. Hands-on class to learn to diagnose problems, make repairs, and if necessary, replace your toilet. Fix a toilet that runs continuously or intermittently, will not flush, is clogged or has other problems. Learn how a toilet works, its parts, terminology and tools you will need, how to remove your old toilet and install a new one.

Photos of students practicing each fix in class, full class info, and the fun working-model Paul built for you to learn on, are on the class syllabus page



Private or group Instruction with expert guidance and safety. In person and interactive online instruction.



Full Class Info

Click for  Class photos, more information, and full class syllabus




You Can Do It! Common Home Repairs and Projects - Part I


Get confidence and skills to save your home and budget. Save money and have fun.

You Can Do It:

1. How to fix a hole in the wall - drywall repair.
2. Removing wall paper - You just can't paint over it.
3. What to spray with WD-40, or not.




You Can Do It! MORE Common Home Repairs and Projects - Part II


MORE skills and confidence to make your home your dream home. Save money and have fun.
You Can Do It:

1. Dripping faucet - Not just washers. Learn the other parts and what to do.
2. Painting walls - Prep, brushes, kinds of paint, finishes.


Individual instruction with expert guidance on topics of your choice. In person and interactive online instruction:





Do It Yourself HOME REPAIR Class


Hands-on basics of carpentry, electric, drywall, and plumbing systems of the average house. Paul covers topics and terminology that relate to old and new residential construction.

For the three week in-person class, each week has lecture plus a class project where students will use hand and power tools.








The in-class project starts with building a small wall. Students learn how to measure, cut, layout, and join wooden studs. In the electrical class, students install an electrical circuit through the studs and a receptacle, wall switch, and light fixture. The final class project covers learning to finish the wall with drywall, tape, and joint compound/spackle.

The key aspect of the class is that students have a start in making their own home repairs or improve their current skills. Students will also be able to make knowledgeable decisions when it is time to hire a contractor.


Full Class Info

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Build Your Own Little Free Library

A Little Free Library is a fun little weather-proof cabinet you can put outside or anywhere you want to share books. People can “take a book, return a book” at any time day or night, in an ongoing free book share.

This one-day class gives you do-it-yourself skills to have for a lifetime, while you build your own worthy community project that helps many on an ongoing basis. Encouraging, patient, teaching environment with a skilled teacher.


Here is the Little Free LIbrary Paul and his wife Jolie built for the Mt Airy Learning Tree



When you arrive for class, we have materials for each student ready and pre-cut, so you can begin right away with tool-safety and hands-on building.

Come alone or sign up with friends. Take home your own work same day.

On your own or by arrangement with Paul, paint and install in a variety of ways that suits your needs and landscape. We send you full instructions.

You can add solar lights, a place for dog treats, holiday toy exchange, include a reading bench, have a Little Free Pantry for food with dignity for the disadvantaged. Many creative healthy ideas.

Class location in Wyndmoor, PA.


Private Class for You or a Party for Your Group

Great fun for yourself, a family, or friends.



Click for  full class info, movies and photos of what we do, step by step




Paul and Jolie built the Little Free Library For The Mt. Airy Learning Tree (MALT).

Below is a fun GIF movie of buying lumber and supplies, cutting, assembling, caulking, sanding, making and painting door pulls.




Here is our our first graduating class - Genie and Rachel

Thank you Rachel for asking the Mt Airy Learning Tree (MALT) to run this class.


Note - The door is clear plexiglas, hinged, with a magnetic closure. We leave the brown protective wrapper covering the door until installation and painting are finished.



Success! Here is Genie with her own Little Free Library


Add your optional registration through the non-profit organization to get a charter number and to join their world map -


More about the class and more class photos on the Class Syllabus page.





How To Hire A Contractor

Learn how to get a great contractor!

Protect yourself against loss of money, incomplete work and poor workmanship.

Learn how to do a background investigation of a contractor, the Pennsylvania laws written to protect the consumer, what a home or business owner must do to protect themselves, and what you should expect from a reputable contractor.



Interactive online instruction. Contact:







More Specialty One-Day Home Repair and Project Classes

Wall and Ceilings
Kitchen and Bath Design
How To Install A Ceiling Fan

Do-It-Yourself Home Repair GREEN - Clean, Earth Friendly, Renovations and Products.


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Private Lessons With Paul

Do your own project with expert guidance and safety. Contact:


Private instruction available with Paul
as your personal repair trainer -






Not only is Paul a LICENSED GENERAL CONTRACTOR, EPA lead certified, and degreed in Environmental technology and water quality, he is Paul Sensei, experienced and gentle martial arts and self defense teacher, Inducted into the EUSA International Black Belt Hall of Fame, and 2009 Instructor of the Year.



Shotokan Karate
Taught by 3rd degree black belt Paul Plevakas, Karate Sensei, and Jolie Bookspan 4th degree Black Belt, Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductees, International Martial Arts Association 2004 Man and Woman of the Year, and 2009 Instructors of the Year

Get back into shape or start for the first time. Self defense techniques, strength and confidence, and traditional Japanese karate with patient gentle teacher. Open to all levels. Continuing students can advance belt rank.

Learn kyu and Dan katas (forms), kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, partner sparring drills, self defense. Beginner through black belt welcome. Discounted textbook available in class.


Where: Formerly at our dojo (karate school), 2100 Chestnut Street. Center City Phila. We also used to run popular classes through Temple University. Contact us for your group or location, or online offerings.

Contact: Contact to form the next class:


Class Textbook - Healthy Martial Arts

See what we do - Click for Class Syllabus


Paul teaching at Temple University


Paul and Jolie, Instructors at left, in their dojo (training school) with top rank students     



Paul and Jolie honored as Black Belt Hall of Fame Instructors of the Year


Here is a link to Jolie's page of fun classes on





Taught by third degree black belt Paul Plevakas Sensei, Black Belt Hall of Fame
Don't be afraid! Protect yourself, build confidence, and fend off attackers. Learn armed and unarmed defenses against armed and unarmed attackers. Gentle instructor will teach you how to use hands, feet, handbags, coins, umbrellas, cell phones, and other ordinary objects against all kinds of bad situations at home and in the street. Learn legal rights and how to spot and avoid trouble. For men and women, all abilities, all ages. Wear your everyday clothing for realistic practice.


Next Classes


Class Textbook

Healthy Martial Arts. Discounted textbook is available in class.


Class Syllabus



Personal Training

With Paul, certified personal trainer. Safe, gentle, effective. Click to go to learn about Personal Training With Paul.





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